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Dry Cleaning

Your automobile is an investment and these days a car is a must. The temperature in Delhi is very unpredictable. It is dry and dusty which increases the demand for cleaning and maintaining your car. While driving your car regularly it is bound that the car would face corrosions externally and stains internally. Joint techno care automobile offers you affordable packages to dry cleaning and pamper your car.

Joint techno care automobile also offers you car dry cleaning. You only have to provide us with water and electricity. We would come to your home or office wherever desired to clean your car. Joint techno care automobile offers you vacuum cleaning for your car carpet, dry cleaning of the car sofa, car door and windows cleaning and shining, car roof cleaning and dash board cleaning and polishing. For exteriors, Joint techno care automobile is known for pressure wash, car shampoo, washing and polishing, Glass and windshield cleaning and tire and bumper shining.

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