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Annual Maintenance Contract tariff rates are determined by the car brand vehicle type it comes many cars.

All prices which includes service tax.
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Terms and Conditions:
The contract commence from the date you signing the AMC contract.
You pay full annual payment either demand draft or cash or direct deposit in the bank.
The services offered for your car can be used only for specified car which is registered using your license plate number and car type.
The validity of the contract from date you sign till 364 days.
You have flexibility to choose dates during the month to leave your vechile for car detailing please call us before to schedule an appointment.
You cannot carry your unused car detailing service after 364 days then it will be invalid.
Please ensure to have car detailing done every month or we can assist in setting up reminders for you.
The type of service for your car is carefully designed as per the Meguiars Professional detailer.
We use only Meguiars Professional Detailer Products only.
If you opt for any thing extra from the regular car detailing service which is provided in the AMC you need to pay extra for those services. Incase if you choose to terminate the contract you will not be refunded the balance amount of unfinished car detailing can be used to purchase car accessories by paying the difference of the items your wish to purchase either Tom Tom GPS or 3D Maxpider Mat.
The quality of the Car detailing we assure from day one when you sign the AMC will remain the same till you finished the contract.
The vechile is inspected every time when the customer brings the car and advise the customer what cannot be done clearly rather than giving false promises. Especially scratches and stains.
All scratches cannot be removed as well as stains on leather seats and upholstery seats.
Please remove the valuables and things in your car before your leaving your car for detailing. We don't take any responsibility of customer belongings if it get lost or misplaced.
Our staff are trained and have knowledge to use Meguiars Products. We use microfibre towels for cleaning your cars and worked on controlled environment and, we work on one car at a time. We Have Quality Management systems in place to assure your quality on our work. The entire car detailing works is carried in showroom.

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